Nothing like a good scare!

Our roof was damaged during last October's freak hail storm - large hail and very high winds damaged both our roof and one of our vehicles.

We were getting our hour re-shingled a couple of days ago when Karen got a good scare. She had just rounded the counter in the kitchen and was heading towards the sink when two nail guns came crashing through the sky-light! Fortunately, neither of them hit her. The lights in the sky-light and the light panel weren't so fortunate. Neither was a cabinet door!

The sky-light had been unfastened from the roof, and apparently, the roofers rested their nail guns against the sky-light. The weight of the nail guns moved the skylight and they fell through the opening (The nail guns. not the roofers!).

It was no fun cleaning up the glass that had shattered and flew all over the kitchen, family room and hallway, but at least nobody was hurt!

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