Staying home

We haven’t been able to take any trips for quite a while. For various reasons, we had to cancel our trips last year and this year.

Our trip in the spring of last year was cancelled due to Karen taking a nasty fall in a parking lot. Nothing was broken, fortunately, but she was pretty bruised and sore and unable to climb the steps into the motorhome.

In the fall, Karen did not heal as quickly as we thought she would from a knee replacement in the summer and physical therapy lasted well into the new year. Unable to climb into the RV and continuing physical therapy meant we had to cancel our planned trip.

As physical therapy was nearing an end in the beginning of this year, we made reservations for a trip in the spring. Then, the coronavirus pandemic shut everything down around the nation. There was no sense in going anywhere if everything was closed!

So, we stay at home and dream of getting back on the road, waiting for some sense of normalcy to return.

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