More remodeling

The major remodeling is done and we are pretty much settled back in. Almost, but not quite. So, time to relax after the busy year we’ve had, right? Nope!

We are about to move on to a couple of other projects; remodeling the shower in the addition/office/casita and fixing and refinishing the cool decking around the pool. Fortunately, these projects are not as big as the last project.

Although we replaced the cabinet, added a granite countertop, replaced the floor tile and added  tile wainscoting in the addition/office/casita, we didn’t remodel the shower, figuring that shower really doesn’t get used much. We have since decided it would be best to refinish it now while we can still match the tile in the rest of the bathroom. 

After that’s finished, it will be time to work on the pool deck. It had developed a few small cracks and one rather large one that has exposed the rebar in the concrete.

We have the quotes from the contractors, down payments have been made and soon it will be busy around here again. Hopefully, we will be finished before it gets hot around here again!

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