Valentine’s Day weekend

We drove up to the cabin the night before Valentine’s Day. We spent Valentine’s Day exploring several antique shops in the area. Well, to be precise, I drove Karen around while she checked out the shops! Karen found an Ethan Allen hutch at a great price, but we don’t know where we would put it without getting rid of something else. Later that day, we had dinner at a small roadside diner miles from the nearest community. They serve an excellent Prime Rib at a very decent price. It’s not a fancy place, they do know how to serve a good prime rib! 

The next day was spent relaxing and taking the dogs out for walks before heading home. We decided to have dinner on the way home and stopped at a place we had not been to before, so we thought we would give them a try. Not wanting to leave our dogs in the car, we got take-out and dined in our vehicle. Karen enjoyed a buffalo burger (she shared part of it with our two lovable dogs, Winston and Bailey) while I dined on a pork cutlet sandwich.

It was a great way to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with someone you love!

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